Monday, July 7, 2014


     Hi everyone!  What a crazy week.  Kind of a lame one with not much happening, but I will try and keep it interesting.  First off I want to say that I am a little disappointed with the response from the Preach My Gospel.  Only one person emailed me about it (not gonna say any names :) so please next week email me one simple paragraph about it.  Not too hard.

     This week was a very interesting week to say the least.  We had a good week planned, but then other people and rain decided to change it.  Starting with Tuesday, we were going to have a nice meaningful District Council Meeting, until the Assistants to the President came and decided to take control of the meeting.  A meaningful one hour meeting (like we've been asked to do) turned into an hour and half long meeting.  Talking forever and ever!

     Wednesday - It rained all day.  Like seriously it rained and rained and rained.  It did stop so we did go out.  15 minutes into walking it picked right back up again.  With rain and more rain and some more rain we went back home.  We played some ping pong, studied, listened to CES talks, and then went to sleep around 8 (that was a nice part).

     Thursday - everyone is busy trying to recover from Wednesdays rain storm so we only saw one person. :(

     Friday - I got a phone call on Wednesday night that Elder Clark (the DL from Kaneshie) will be going on an exchange with me in my area.  All day Friday I am on an exchange with Elder Clark which is pretty cool.  Elder Clark is from my MTC group and super fun.  We actually had a good day on Friday.

     Saturday - We go and clean the chapel.  That was fun and then we go out and see people.  Had a very good day on Saturday. 5 lessons.  Not too bad.

     Sunday - We had 4 investigators at church.  Awesome!! That made me so happy when I saw all of them arrive at church.  YAY!!!

     That was my week.  Sorry this isn't longer, but that is all that really was interesting this week.  Love you all a lot and see ya next week.

Elder Bowden

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