Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer news! Pictures.

Hello Everyone: We are doing better. We are now at TWO people emailing me about the PMG lessons! Small increase from my mom, but I welcome the second one warmly. I will welcome more if they come. It's not to hard.
So you are probably wondering what is happening with transfers. Well. Nothing. My companion and I are staying together!!! YAY!!!! I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT. We kinda figured that that was what was happening because we have been working super well together and have been having so much fun together as well. Elder Tullis will be getting Elder Sebit from South Sudan. That will be sweet, I have only met one other person from South Sudan ever and my trainer trained him. So that is cool.
This week we had a baptism. That was awesome. Here is a picture.

Forgive me. This post is going to be short (like my mother) because if you go to the photo page. . . . you're welcome. Enjoy some pictures today. This is a special. Sorry again this is short. But it took some time to do. 


Elder Bowden

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  1. I really enjoyed going though each of your post. so excited to see all the cool things you get to do arnt so strange far away in Africa. I can't wait to get home it will be one of the best birthday present ever! I wish I could be out doing the same things you're doing good luck elder!