Monday, December 8, 2014

Cold Water. . .No Hot Tubs

     Greetings From Ghana again! How are all of you today? This week was alright. Just another normal week in the neighborhood. One of the missionaries in the apartment has been super sick this past week and we are grateful that finally he has finally started to recover small. He had a fever all last week (NOT EBOLA) and was just super tired and what not. He had been in the bush for six months where there are no mosquitoes, and now he is back in Accra where the mosquitoes are everywhere. So I believe it is Malaria. He has taken some medicine and now the fever is gone and he is doing well.

     Jerry and Nathaniel were confirmed yesterday in Church so now they are full on members of the Church and they are already getting so involved in every aspect of it. I am so excited for them to continue to progress. Next step is to get them to the temple. That shouldn't take too long and I am so excited for them. We meet with them on Tuesdays and Fridays and on Friday when they came they brought a friend who now is coming to Church and is starting to meet with the Sisters (stays in the sisters area) and Jerry and Nathaniel will help them teach these new comers. AWESOME!!!!! Golden Recent Converts bringing Golden Investigators to the Church! So excited.

     Speaking of the Temple, on Wednesday we will be going to the Temple! FINALLY!!!! It is about time, I have been going crazy waiting to know when we would actually get to go. Now on Wednesday I will get to go and oh boy, so excited. Also on Wednesday is our Christmas Conference so we will get together as a zone with another zone and party!!!

     Saturday night Kaneshie Stake had a music festival. It was crazy. It was held where the stage in the stake center is at and it was amazing! Another church came and also performed and there was some great singing and dancing. . .oh boy the dancing. Thank goodness my father wasn't there or he might of gone outside and jumped off a mountain. President Hill looked like he wanted to do so (he was there). It was the funniest thing ever. So many members were dancing and going crazy. When Dansoman ward got up to sing (me and my companion were in the choir) we (the choir) had toffie (kinda like candy) that we threw into the audience and that just made people go crazy! It was such a fun time of dancing and singing and just pure excitement.

     My Mom, my wonderful mother, told me in her e-mail, that their stake had to do a baptism in a hot tub because the water in the font was too cold. I cried. . .really I did, those poor poor people
. . .no working water heater to heat up the water for their baptism, so they had to do it via hot tub. . .hot tub? ? ?    I. . . .I Elder Bowden, here in Ghana, would like to make a comment on this. I would like to comment that for the past 20 months. . .I Elder Bowden, have done my baptisms, in:
                                1.The Rain
                                2. Only two feet of water in the tank.
                                3.In dirty water. it was brown.
                                4.When you only have two pairs of baptismal clothing, and you have five people  being baptized. That's a fun one.

     So I just want to mention that all of these are in cold water. Ice cold water. Never warm, always dirty. So enjoy your water heaters and hot tub baptisms. PEACE OUT BOY SCOUT.

     I love all of you so much and am so grateful for all of the prayers in my behalf. I cannot wait to hear from you next week.

Elder Bowden

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