Monday, December 15, 2014

Mini Transfers

     Well everyone. . . I have some bad news. . .Because of Christmas, there are some missionaries that leave early to go home before Christmas, even though the transfer is AFTER the Holidays. . .So they leave tomorrow, which means that some of the missionaries are without companions. . .so they need new companions. . .and well. . .I am one of those who will be replacing a missionary. . .so yes. . .I am leaving Dansoman area 8 days before Christmas. . .President let me know Saturday morning that way I could let members and investigators know. . .I cried. . .members cried. . . When the Bishop announced it in sacrament meeting (it was the ward business), all of the members were in shock. Of course Saturday night I couldn't sleep at all so I am extremely tired. . .so tired that I slept in today. Thats why I am on late.

     So now I have to pack everything up, and move to a whole new area. My new area is called New Town, I know a little about the place, MUSLIMS. It is Korle Bu all over again. It might be my last area. . .on the bright side, the APs and Office Elders are in my district, so anytime mail comes they are in the next apartment from me, even the APs are in my ward, and Elder Clark (my MTC) is in the ward so I am excited to be with him. My new companion is from Uganda.  He just finished training so he is a greenie. Yay.

     Today we also went back to the West Hills Mall, that big mall that makes you feel like you are in America every time you go. It is nice, I didn't get anything big though, because I am being transferred I didn't want to have to pack more junk than the junk I already had. Packing is not my favorite! You would think with three and a half months this would be someones last transfer. . .but you never know.

     We got to go to the Temple this last week. It was super good. Its been seven months since I last got to go to the Temple. The next time I will go is the Tuesday before I go home, then, I get to go as often as I want. I am excited about that. While we were there, we had a Christmas Conference, and President Hill arranged for all the missionaries to watch "Meet The Mormons" Wow! Shout out to that movie. If you haven't seen that movie, you have better go and buy your tickets right now. It is a movie worthy of going and seeing. President Hill also gave all the missionaries a Mission Pin and a Christmas Tie. Sweet.

     Ok, well I am going to go. I am super tired. BYE BYE!!!!


Elder Bowden

So before I leave, I have added a talk by someone we all know. . .Listen it is super good.

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