Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Week

Greetings from Ghana. Well what a week. You know that this is transfer week and we have some news. For me, little old me, I am staying in Dansoman to be with Elder Langi! I am so excited to be with him for another transfer, he is such a cool guy and that will be a lot of fun. Sadly Elder McCullough is being transferred to another zone to be the new Zone Leader, congrats to him, his companion has been heck for him these past few weeks. All 8 to be honest. It isn't easy. Me and Elder McCullough's companion have not gotten along and also my companion doesn't like him, and now we will be with him in the apartment for another six weeks, I don't know if I can handle that.
     We did have a baptism on Sunday. It was super nice, a Sister named Tina, she was so ready to receive the gospel and it has taken us several months to baptize her. She is super happy and I am super happy for her. She has two kids that I can see becoming members when they reach the age of eight, one is five and one is two. So a few years down the road. The Sister Missionary that is going home had two baptisms as well, so that made three. Plus other missionaries from the zone made for a great Sunday Afternoon.
     Well, since it is transfer time, that includes missionaries going home. Including. . .Sadly. . .Elder and Sister Wall. I am truly sad that the Walls are leaving. I havn't ever said much about the Walls here on this blog, but they are our Office Couple. They spend all day in the Office at the mission home making sure everything temporal is taken care of while everyone else takes care of the spiritual things. Super cool and super nice. I have loved them so much, they made this new mission so much fun. I guess it will not be the "NEW" mission anymore since the first office couple is going home and we have a new office couple. Bless the Walls for what they've done for us as missionaries.
     Since one of my Sisters has finished her mission we will also get a new sister missionary in my district. She is just going on a bedroom transfer since she is in the same apartment as the sisters in Elder McCulloughs district. They share an apartment just like me and Elder McCullough share an apartment.
     Well, I guess that is all for the week. I hope you all have a good one. I know that I did. I can not wait to hear from you and I love and miss all of you.

Elder Bowden

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